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How Honest Are Couples In Relationship?

When it comes to have strong and healthy relationship, couples should remember that honesty is always the best policy. But as we all know, that's easier said than done. Did you ever kept a secret from your partner or use one of these big lies, small lies, white lies, cover-ups or anything like that? If you did, and all this sound familiar to you, just keep reading because you are not alone. As we all know very well, secrets can destroy relationship. Being honest and more open is much easier if you feel safe and close with your partner before real comunication start. Both partners need to be emotionally present in relationship before they can truly open to each other.

The hardest part for most couples is to start talking about problems. Once they do begin talking about their problems, things seem to go more smoothly. Most couples don't even try to start talking about problems because of previous bad experiences (previous arguments with same partner, experiences from previous relationship or experiences from relationship with their parents).

What is the first step to avoid the problems and acomplish that honest relationship everybody is dreaming about?

The first step toward honesty and meaningfull relationship should be to start asking questions and find out what your partner is really thinking about subject you want to know. Asking right questions is very important and a skill you have to learn.

How about answers?

Answers are largely a matter of discretion and you have to distinguish between what is essential and what isn't. Like in everything else, moderation is very important factor, so don't try to be totally ruthlessly honest with your partner because that could also hurt fellings. It is very important to remember that criticizing is not communicating, so do your best to avoid that.


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